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Puget Sound Car Wash Association
Chronological History of the Association


  • Radio spots regarding the ticket program ran on KPLU during the month of March.   These ads were funded with a grant from the city of Tacoma.

  • May was Car Wash Awareness Month.  PSCWA worked with governmental agencies from around the Sound that deal with stormwater runoff to get our message “It’s not just dirt!” out to the public.  Social media, public service announcements, signage, news releases, ads, public events, web links, and distribution of PSCWA tickets were be used to carry the message.

    The campaign was launched on Earth Day, April 22 at an event at Puget Sound Energy.  They asked that we speak at their campus on the topic “Why use a car wash”.  Several hundred PSE employees attended, as well as representatives from various environmental organizations. The Department of Ecology worked with us on a news release and involving their partners in counties, cities, and the Puget Sound Partnership.

  • A new website was designed


  • A new promotional postcard was created to replace PSCWA brochures.

  • PSCWA received a $4,000 Make a Splash Grant from the City of Tacoma to run ads for the ticket program on KPLU Radio.
  • Representatives of the city of Bellevue went out to parking lot washes suggesting use of the PSCWA tickets.
  • The city of Tacoma awarded the PSCWA an “in-kind” sponsorship grant where the city has agreed to pay all fees for hanging the PSCWA street banner. The banner was hung from August 1-12 at Division and Yakima and will be hung in the Proctor District from October 14-28.
  • The City of Tacoma has set up a Twitter hashtag with daily trivia questions that can grant winning entrants a free car wash coupon.
  • The PSCWA offered two courses in March; A Car Wash Management course and an Equipment Maintenance course. The courses were successful and of great value to the members. We will most likely continue to host classes in the future and currently have a poll out to PSCWA to guage interest in potential future courses.
  • The PSCWA received four new vendor members and two new car wash members in 2013.
  • The PSCWA had an excellent membership meeting in April at the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association in Renton. The meetings was well attended, with 18 people present- most of them members. A range of topics was discussed. Topics such as association goals, updates on the outreach report and on sludge testing, and the free promotional video for PSCWA was viewed and well received by those in atttendance. In addition, presentations by Josh Dirks of Project Bionic and Jim Moran of Northwest Pump & Equipment were made.


  • The PSCWA teamed with the Puget Sound Keepers alliance to distribute water violation letters to business' that conducted carwashes in their parking lots. The letter lists the PSCWA and its member's car washes as an alternative to washing cars in a parking lot.
  • Tacoma News Tribune advertisement
  • Awarded a $4,000 grant by the City of Tacoma to run an advertisement in the Tacoma News Tribune describing the correlation between car washing practices and water quality. The advertisement full color ad was placed in the newspaper for seven days. A flash animation was created from the advertisement was created that was shown on the Tacoma News Tribune website 99,000,00 times.
  • PSCWA manned a booth at the PTA statewide convention, with over 900 attendees talking with representative about car washing and the environment and the PSCWA ticket program.
  • The PSCWA had two excellent membership meetings in 2013 at the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association in Renton. The meetings were well attended, with over thirty-five people- most of them members. On March 6 we flew Kyle Doyle, producer of, from New York to talk with us about marketing our washes. His presentation was extremely helpful with lots of fresh ideas. On September 25 Robert Andre from SONNY'S CarWash College spoke about maintenance and what's new in car washing. Robert showed the attendees ways to save money with maintenance and make money with new trends.
  • The PSCWA was awarded another $4,000 grant by the City of Tacoma to create a banner that promotes and clean water habits. The banner hung for two and a half weeks over Pacific and two and a half weeks over Division in Tacoma. Cross promotion postcards were created and handed out to over 50 buisnesses in the area. The banner was featured on the front page of Professional Car Wash & Detailing online magazine.

  • PSCWA membership increased by 30% and ticket sales increased by 28%.


  • Liberty Ryder, of Shur-Kleen Car Wash, Inc. helped the PSCWA place promotional materials in 200 welcome bags for the state legislature delivered the first day of the legislative session to key elected officials and their staffs.
  • Pierce County distributed coasters with their Puget Sound Starts Here logo and the message "use a commercial car wash" to breweries and pubs around the region.
  • The City of Centralia Stormwater Operations Manager issued a press release promoting our ticket program,
  • Worked with the City of Bremerton Public Works and Utilities on their project to ensure that charity car washes were being run properly and provide groups running illegal washes with brochures.
  • Placed another coupon good at PSCWA member washes on the front page of the City of Seattle's utilily stuffer, their May/June "@ Your Service" mailer that went out to 258,499 homes.
  • City of Puyallup distributed tickets at their Rain Garden workshops.
  • tickets and brochures were distributed at Pierce County Public Works & Utilities Surface Water Management's "Puget Sound Starts Here" night with the Tacoma Rainiers attended by 9,000 people.
  • Represented the PSCWA at The People for Puget Sound spring luncheon, with over 380 attendees.
  • Manned a booth at the PTA statewide convention, with over 900 attendeesm talking with representative about car washing and the environment and the PSCWA ticket program.
  • Awarded a $4,000 grant by the City of Tacoma for a second video contest to get video describing the correlatation between car washing practices and water quality.
  • Awarded a $23,000 grant by the Department of Ecolgy for a newspaper supplement in The Seattle Times, lesson plan for distribution to schools participating in their Newspapers in Education program, and translation of our message into Spanish.
  • Donated 8 tickets to Federal Way Young Life (FWYL) for their golf tournament and auction on August 25, which was attended by 250 people. The tickets were introduced as an auction item, along with an explanation of the program.
  • The cities of Milton and Edgewood distributed flyers to local entities to encourage them to use either the PSCWA  ticket program or a car wash kit in an effort to keep car wash wastewater out of storm drains and protect our local lakes and creeks.
  • Established a partnership with the LOTT (Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater, and Thurston) Center, the waste water treatment center for that area, and provided them with brochures for their new educational center, which will now be included in each goodie bag which the students receives when they visit the LOTT Center.
  • Represented the PSCWA on the Social Media Committee of the Puget Sound Partnership, which will consider making car washing their focus for 2012.


  • Manned a booth at regional PTSA convention in Tumwater, meeting with teachers and administrators and discussing our ticket program.
  • Sponsored The People for Puget Sound Annual Harbor Lights event on October 23, providing an opportunity to market our message to 300 environmentally conscious people
  • Testified in Oympia at hearing of the House Parks & Ecology Committee on a proposed bill regarding banning parking lot charity car washes.
  • The PSCWA was awarded a City of Tacoma “Make a Splash “ grant for $4,000 to hold a contest for high school students for the best video that describes the correlations between car washing practices and water quality.
  • Partnered with Pierce County to do a presentation to the Environmental Sciences class of Spanaway Lakes High School explaning the benefits of using a professional car wash, as well as demonstrating an oil/water separator onsite at a member car wash.
  • Awarded a $2,500 grant by Pierce County for car wash education outreach, and used the funds to make presentations to high school classes to educate the faculty and students about the environmental benefits of using professional car wash.
  • Pierce County awarded the PSCWA a $2,500 grant for car wash education outreach. With this grant the PSCWA, along with representatives of Pierce County, visited high school classes to educate the faculty and students about the environmental benefits of using a professional car wash.
  • Worked with the City of Seattle on their May/June "@ Your Service" mailer that went out to all City of Seattle Utility customers with their bill (258,499 homes). A coupon good at PSCWA member washes appeared on the front page of the mailer.
  • Created an automated online ticket purchasing system on the website.
  • Launched social networking by creating a facebook page for
  • PSCWA was featured in Thurston County Department of Resource’s newsletter “SPLASH”, mailed to every property owner in their utility rate-boundary- about 56,000 households.
  • King County EnviroStars handed out brochures during their Earth Day event in Seattle.
  • The PSCWA office acted as a clearinghouse for reports of crimes at member car washes and helped to capture perpetrators.

SPU Coupon


  • Partnered with the Department of Ecology through a Memo of Understanding that enabled mutual web site linkage. The memo also allowed the PSCWA to use DOE pollution prevention materials and to promote their pollution prevention work and education program.
  • Awarded a City of Tacoma “Make a Splash “ Grant for $2,500.00 to compile a mailing list, print and mail brochures, and to monitor Car Wash Fundraiser ticket sales and web traffic.
  • Worked with Dan Smith, a stormwater scientist with the city of Federal Way. Dan wrote an article for the September issue of Stormwater Magazine, which will highlight our Car Wash Fundraiser. Stormwater Magazine is distributed nationally to stormwater managers.


  • Tumwater School District sanctioned distribution of Car Wash Fundraiser brochures to all schools in their system.
  • Participated in PTA Western Washington Convention, and found a new interest and understanding of water quality issues related to unregulated car wash fundraisers.
  • Seattle Public Utilities included a message regarding the importance of taking your car to a professional car wash and a 50% off coupon in 192,000 July/August Seattle Utility bills.
  • PSCWA members manned a booth at the Pierce County Livability Fair at the Tacoma Dome.
  • A representative of the PSCWA attended a meeting of STORM, which is comprised of stormwater managers from King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties, as well as most of the cities in those counties. He answered questions for about 30 minutes about how the PSCWA can partner with them on their outreach education.


  • “Wash Smart. Use a car wash” busboard campaign ran again for two-months.
  • Received $15,000 grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology, and grants of $2,500 each from King County and City of Tacoma.
  • “Parking Lot Car Washes Cause Pollution. Fundraisers, Here’s a Solution” busboard campaign runs for two-months.
  • Hosted King County Water Quality Compliance Manager at spring membership meeting, and Department of Ecology Northwest Regional Water Quality Section Manager at fall membership meeting.
  • Awarded Community Service Leadership Award by the International Car Wash Association at their 2007 Car Care Expo, attended by 9,000 industry representatives.
  • Participated in PTA Western Washington Convention, and King County’s Earth Day celebration and Duwamish Festival.
  • In August, joined members of the Western Car Wash Assocation on a cruise of the Puget Sound, featuring the Regional Director of the Dpertment of Ecology and the Education & Involvement Manager for the People for Puget Sound.
  • Article in the October 9 Seattle Post-Intelligencer says it’s better for the environment to use a commercial car wash, quotes Puget Soundkeeper Sue Joerger, and talks about the PSCWA Car Wash Fundraiser.

Busboard Ad


  • Promoted the Car Wash Fundraiser at two events held by the PTA, the Western Washington Parents & Teens Together Secondary Conference and Information Fair in February and the State PTA 93rd Convention in May.
  • Participated in King Counties Earth Day Celebration in April and the Duwamish River Festival in August. The Duwamish River Festival was a production of King County, the Department of Ecology, the City of Seattle, and major corporate sponsors.
  • Executive Director, Elly Snow, attended the Toxins in Puget Sound environmental forum to gather information and understand the implications of the Governor’s Puget Sound initiative. Subsequently, a meeting was held with the People for Puget Sound, who put on the forum, to forge a partnership. Kathy Fletcher, their Executive Director, spoke at the PSCWA membership meeting in September, and the PSCWA President participated in their “Harbor Lights” event.
  • Displayed “Wash Smart. Use a car wash.” busboards on 82 buses in the King/Pierce/Snohomish area for two-months. Total impressions were 21,479,038.
  • Participated in the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance “Salute to the Sound”.
  • PSCWA representative, Jim Walker, attended a meeting of the Governor’s task force, the Puget Sound Partnership, and took the mic during the public comment period describing the importance of professional car washing on water quality.
  • Issued a record number of Car Wash Fundraiser tickets- 69,421 in 2006.

Car Wash Fundraising Ticket


  • Puget Sound Car Wash Association is invited to participate in King County’s Earth Day Celebration. A well-positioned booth means plenty of public exposure for the water quality message of Bert the Salmon and for the Car Wash Fundraiser.
  • The winter membership meeting features Mike Brent of the Cascade Water Alliance discussing the drought crisis.
  • The PSCWA is invited to participate in King County’s Earth Day Celebration in April. A well-positioned booth there means plenty of public exposure for the water quality message of PSCWA and the Car Wash Fundraiser.
  • Representatives of the Puget Sound Car Wash Association speak at a meeting of the Washington Water Conservation Coalition, which represents 65 water providers that control 60% of the water in the State of Washington.
  • Amid concerns about a drought in the Pacific Northwest, new “Earth Hero” signage is purchase for display at member washes, and press releases from the PSCWA and International Car Wash Association are distributed to 185 media outlets to provide information about water conservation and the contribution of professional car washing.
  • A Public Service Announcement contrasting driveway and professional car washing’s impact on water quality and conservation is produced and aired a total of 180 times on KPCQ/KTWB, reaching an estimated 7,149,000 viewers. A forerunner of the PSA is used with permission from the Clark County Nevada Regional Flood Control District, revisions are donated by KPCQ/KTWB, and airings are funded by grants from the City of Tacoma and the King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, the Puget Sound Car Wash Association, and the Western Car Wash Association, with matching by KPCQ/KTWB.
  • The PSCWA launches its web site defining the Association’s purpose, and providing membership and environmental information.
  • Outreach to regulators and utilities in King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties is expanded to inform about the benefits of using the Car Wash Fundraiser.
  • The Car Wash Fundraiser is promoted at the Seattle Aquarium’s Return of the Salmon event in September. 200 tickets are sold to benefit the Salmon Homecoming Alliance, brochures are distributed, and the Fundraiser banner is displayed at this event.
  • Officers of the PSCWA attended the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance’s Salute to the Sound in October, which was attended by many local dignitaries, including Mayor Nickels and King County Executive Sims, providing an opportunity to showcase the PSCWA environmental message.
  • AAA includes an article regarding the PSCWA in their October eNewsletter that is distributed to over 100,000 members, along with a special offer of $3 off the top wash package at PSCWA participating members’ washes.
  • The PSCWA and the Car Wash Fundraiser are highlighted at a environmental awareness event held by King County in the South Park neighborhood, and at a regional Little League Fair at the Alderwood Boys & Girls Club in Lynnwood.
  • The PSCWA issues an all-time high for a single year of 36,907 Car Wash Fundraiser tickets.
  • The PSCWA office acts as a clearinghouse for information regarding crimes committed at area car washes.


  • A 10th Anniversary Special of $1.50 per ticket is offered to nonprofits that use the Car Wash Fundraiser between June 1 and December 31. Ticket volumes of 17,844 in 2004 exceed all prior annual sales.
  • The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association and the Educators News Magazine run articles regarding the Car Wash Fundraiser in their fall issues.
  • The City of Tacoma gives a grant to the PSCWA to fund eight ads in the Tacoma News Tribune and seven ads in the Tacoma Weekly promoting the Car Wash Fundraiser.
  • Pooling crime reports from members, the PSCWA assists police in arresting the perpetrator of numerous crimes against car washes over a variety of jurisdictions.
  • A new look is developed for the Car Wash Fundraiser. The new brochure is mailed to thousands of sports teams, charitable organizations, and environmental groups, as well as “Friends of the PSCWA”, municipality and regulatory contacts.
  • City of Kent utility stuffer stresses the importance of using a professional car wash and provides contact information for the Car Wash Fundraiser.
  • PSCWA members are featured in industry publications Modern Car Care and Self Service Car Wash News, along with information regarding the Puget Sound Car Wash Association.

Car Wash Fundraiser Ad


  • The Bert the Salmon TV spot airs 60 times on KPCQ/DTWB during the spring as a lead up to Suds Free Saturday in June.
  • Suds Free Saturday takes place on June 14th with a media event featuring Bert the Salmon, and windscreen signs are distributed to member washes showing Bert and the caption “Take your car to a car wash”.
  • Two “Make a Splash” grants are received by the PSCWA from the City of Tacoma. One is used for a mailing and follow up calls to over 200 charities in the Tacoma area talking about the Charity Wash Program. The other grant funds 50 airings on KBTC of the Bert the Salmon TV spot, enhanced with a listing of Tacoma area members’ washes.
  • The Self-Serve Charity Wash Program is brought online.
  • The PSCWA endorses a Stormwater Position Paper, and the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance publishes an article about the PSCWA in their newsletter “The Sounder”.
  • Invited to give a presentation regarding the Charity Wash Program and professional car the Stormwater Inspector's Advisory Group, comprised of inspectors from around the Puget Sound from Everett to Olympia.
  • The Car Wash Solutions Conference, an event joint with the Western Car Wash Association, draws over seventy attendees.
  • King County produces another 35,000 Bert the Salmon Baseball cards and makes them available to the PSCWA.
  • PSCWA relationships with municipalities, utilities, and environmental groups continue to grow. Some results are surface water management enforcement of parking lot washes in Mount Vernon and Everett, Lakewood newsletter article discouraging parking lot washes.
  • Mailer sent to all Seattle Public Utilities customers speaks of the importance of taking your car to a professional car wash, and “The Ballard Pledge” booklet, mailed throughout Ballard, talks twice about using a professional wash.


  • Washington State Department of the Ecology gives the PSCWA Charity Wash Program its highest rating for an educational program: “5 Drops” in every category.
  • The PSCWA becomes partners with the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, who sets up the Charity Wash Hotline for reporting illegal parking lot washes. Property owners that host charity washes receive a letter from the PSA.
  • Seattle Public Utilities and King County in cooperation with the PSCWA produce a thirty-second TV spot, featuring Bert the Salmon, aired 120 times in 2002 on KCPQ and KTWB TV. The TV spot talks about the pollutants that go into our waterways from driveway car washing.
  • The PSCWA coordinates professional car washes from around the State, Lutheran Community Services, and the Department of Social and Health Services for the Statewide Car Wash, to benefit the Governor’s Scholarship Fund for Foster Kids, and stops the Governor’s support of a Statewide parking lot charity wash.
  • The City of Federal Way and Snohomish County each do large mailings that discourage parking lot charity washing and encourage use of the PSCWA Charity Wash Program, and the City of Bellevue runs a spot regarding the Program on their City TV channel.
  • The PSCWA is featured in the AAA’s e-newsletter that is emailed to 30,000 of their members.


  • A Drought Task Force is formed to take the steps necessary to be in the forefront of water conservation issues. A PR firm is hired to assist the Task Force create written statements for delivery to regulators and water utilities, and to assist in efforts to educate officials and the public that professional car washing save water.
  • Members meet with their local regulators and water utilities to discuss ways to partner and inform the public that professional washes conserve water.
  • Membership booklets, with example of PSCWA’s accomplishments, are made up as an aid to attracting new members.
  • Earth Hero signs are produced for display at members’ washes.
  • The PSCWA, in partnership with King County, hold the second Suds Free Saturday.
  • PSCWA tickets become a part of the Chinook Book, a discount book containing coupons for businesses that meet environmental criteria.
  • Bert the Salmon baseball cards are produced by King County with a message regarding water saved by using professional car washes.
  • Charities using the PSCWA Charity Wash Program raised over $50,000 for their causes during 2001.

Bert the Salmon Baseball Card


  • The Association teams up with the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, which represents 150 high schools in the State, to promote the Charity Wash program. The partnership is kicked off with a media event, which is attended by four TV stations, one radio station and a number of King County representatives.
  • A Charity Wash kit is produced to provide point-of-sales tools to charities selling Charity Wash kits.
  • Responsible car washing practices and the Charity Wash program are promoted through Association participation at the EnviroExpo, Issaquah Salmon Days and the Washington State PTA convention.
  • King County announces a new clean water program with their mascot, Bert the Salmon. Advertisements promoting professional car washing will appear on busboards and air on radio.
  • The Western Car Wash Association provides the PSCWA a booth at their Car Care Expo in May. Executive Director, Elly Snow, mans the booth and receives favorable feedback from car wash operators from around the country about the PSCWA’s activities.
  • Modern Car Care magazine features operator member, Mark Hoidal, in their August 2000 issue, and touts the value of PSCWA’s Charity Wash Program.
  • A Charity Wash Program Coordinator, Heidi Hakala, joins the PSCWA, and begins to promote the Program by visiting high schools around the Puget Sound area.
  • Six hundred Charity Wash tickets are included in King County’s EnviroTool Kits. The kits were offered to the public during King County’s September 9th hour-long television program, Natural Connections.
  • The PSCWA is invited to be an exhibitor at Washington State Department of Ecology’s conference, Taking Action to Reduce Nonpoint Pollution, attended by 400 government officials.
  • The first Suds-Free Saturday, a media event to get the public to use professional car washes, is staged by King County and the Puget Sound Car Wash Association on September 30th. Twenty thousand flyers, public service announcements on radio, and signage at participating washes get the word out. On Suds-Free Saturday, KIRO broadcasts live from Elephant Car Wash, and participating members contribute a portion of the day’s proceeds to a salmon restoration project.
  • Representatives of the PSCWA visit local officials in Snohomish and Pierce Counties, and the Cities of Everett and Tacoma, to familiarize them with the environmental benefits of professional washing and the Charity Wash Program.
  • President, Steve Haney, represents the car wash industry at Tri-County Forums, formulating policy recommendations regarding water conservation issues.
  • is completed, and is available for charities browsing for fund raising opportunities.
  • The Puget Sound Car Wash Association is proclaimed King County’s “Earth Hero” by Ron Sims. Vic Odermat accepts the proclamation on the Association’s behalf.
  • Work begins on a solution that will allow self-serve operators to participate in the Charity Wash Program.
  • Ticket sales for the Charity Wash Program top 13,500 for 2000 versus 4,750 in 1999.


  • Pursued other grants from local government agencies to promote professional car wash and Charity Car Wash programs.
  • Reassessed the direction of activities aimed at repealing the State’s sales tax on self-serve car washes.
  • Changed membership meetings to a quarterly luncheon format.
  • Signed a partnership with AAA for their “Show Your Card and Save” program.
  • Evaluated a marketing campaign to broaden awareness.
  • Created and began a regional newspaper campaign to promote the Charity Car Wash Program.
  • Finalized an agreement with the King County Water and Land resources to partner with their campaign to spend over $150,000 on bus and radio ads promoting “Home car washing is bad for the environment. Go to a commercial car wash.” This program covered a broad geographical area of the Puget Sound.
  • The PSCWA logo, with the salmon, appears at the forefront of ever-evolving environmental issues. These issues will soon affect all citizens of the Puget Sound.
  • In the summer of 1998, the PSCWA partners with WASHCCO in a State lobbying effort, with the Association contributing $15,000. WASHCCO becomes an automatic benefit of membership in the Association.
  • WASHCCO lobbying efforts are directed at self-service sales tax repeal, and closely watch-dogging the Salmon Endangered Species Listing, and its impact on Association members.
  • A fleet wash brochure is developed in cooperation with King County, and is mailed to over 3,000 local, major corporations, communicating the importance to the environment of washing their fleets at commercial car washes.
  • AAA windscreen signs are made available to members.
  • The “Home Car Wash” ad campaign goes public, with lots of exposure on bus billboards and radio. Great Ads!!! Campaign posters are made available to members for their use.
  • Ads are placed in major newspapers, and public service announcements are placed in major radio stations, in the region promoting the Association and the Charity Car Wash Program.
  • In November an Executive Director, Elly Snow from Seattle Operating Support, is hired to coordinate the Association’s business and to assist in the growth of the Association.



  • The PSCWA partners with “People for the Puget Sound” for a spring “Earth Day” promotion on the environment and the effects of home car washing.
  • Vendors are added as members of Puget Sound Car Wash Association.
  • Retained a lobbyist and sponsored a bill to repeal the sales tax on self-serves. This bill passed both the house and the senate, but was vetoed by the governor.
  • Continued to develop relationships with county governments to help promote our concerns.
  • Applied for two grants, and received one for $7,000 to educate companies with fleets about the effects of unregulated car washing, and to encourage the use of commercial car washes.
  • Was recognized by the Western Car Wash Association and the International Car Wash Association, and joined in cooperation with them.
  • Association purchased glossy posters from the Regional Water Quality for promoting the effects of home washing on the environment. The Western Car Wash Association also purchased a few hundred posters from the Association.


  • Paid for a regional promotion with KPCQ-TV educating kids about commercial car washing, the effects of home washing on the environment and promoting the Charity Car Wash Program. Included were television commercials, mention in the Kid’s Club Newsletter, and involvement in the Fun Fair at the Kingdome that over 30,000 people attended.
  • Information about PSCWA is added to the Water Ways 2000 Web Page.
  • A block grant of $10,000 is requested from the Regional Water Quality Committee of King County.
  • The Charity Car Wash Program grows consistently.

TV Public Service Announcement


  • Association launches the Charity Car Wash Program, and orders professional sports-style tickets from Monarch Marketing, to include the name of the charities that sell them.
  • Puget Sound Car Wash Association is included in Metro’s car wash brochure for middle school education.
  • Metro sends letter to local and major corporations, including banks and gas stations, regarding the charity car wash program, and encouraging them not to allow charity washes on their lots.
  • Association develops professional, glossy brochure regarding Charity Car Wash Program.
  • In December a motion is passed by the King County Council to recognize and support the PSCWA Charity Car Wash Program. County Executive requests that PSCWA work cooperatively with the County to maximize their resources in addressing water quality issues associated with charity and residential car washing.


  • Ad Mark Services proposes a Water Quality Public Awareness Campaign to help educate the public and heighten their awareness about important water quality issues.
  • Logo developed with technical guidance from the Western Car Wash Association to represent the PSCWA for use in their water quality education campaign.
  • Association gets involved with King County and Seattle Land Conservancy to create “You’d Really Love To Be A Fish” and “Water Trail” public service announcements that air on KOMO TV.
  • Participates in KOMO Kid’s Fair along with Waterways 2000 program. Over 32,000 people attended the fair, with many stopping by the booth to “dirty up” a car and wash it clean, as well as receive information on the programs.


  • In November, Vic Odermat initiates an investigation into the feasibility of developing a public awareness campaign regarding the hazards of residential and non-commercial car washing on the environment. Mr. Odermat retains Ad Mark Services (advertising and marketing firm) as well as Bob Minnot (governmental affairs consultant) to facilitate the investigations. He proceeds to establish the Puget Sound Car Wash Association.
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