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  • It’ll bring you new customers.
    Participating in our well-established, fully-serviced charity wash ticket program.
  • It’s good community relations.
    Show that you care about your community by providing local nonprofits a way to earn plenty of cash.
  • Offer an alternative to parking lot washes.
    Make them aware that washing with you is better for the environment.
  • Build positive relationships with regulators.
    Help those responsible for enforcing water quality and conservation laws to understand your wash’s benefit to the environment.
  • Influence public perception.
    Be associated with media campaigns that shed a favorable light on our industry.
  • Be connected with the environmental community.
    When permits are being rewritten, have people at the table that understand professional car washing.
  • Compete more effectively by being associated with other car wash owners in our region.
    Unite to share ideas and the costs of programs that improve our competitive advantage.

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